Adjustable Metal Wire Shelving Installation Process Instructions

Advantages of metal wire shelving Knock down packing Freely adjusting each shelf height Easy assemble,no tools required,DIY installation Stable cross wire welds,mesh flatness detection for 0 […]

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Today, most hospitals around the world are facing challenges, and this manual has been written by many front-line clinicians involved in the treatment of COVID-19. enclosed […]

Add-on Wire Shelving Unit for DIY Shelf Store

Add-on Shelving Unit Starter unit coonsist of 4pcs posts,4pcs wire shelves and 32 plastic shelf clips and following photo. Add-on unit consist of 2pcs posts,4pcs shelves,16pcs […]

Factory Start to Work From FEB. 18TH,2020

Our factory has passed the government’s epidemic prevention inspection and resumed work from February 18th,2020 Wire Shelf is our main advantage product. We welcome new and […]

Chrome Wire Shelf – Here Are the Features and Advantages You Didn’t Know

Chrome Wire Shelf – Here Are the Features and Advantages You Didn’t Know Storage spaces are a necessity of our daily lives. But to keep our […]

Chrome Wire Shelving: Why it is Useful and How to clean it

What is Chrome Wire Shelving?  Chrome wire shelving has made its way into many homes and businesses at a super-fast rate over the last few years, […]

Commercial shelving Vs household shelving: get the right type of shelving

Shelves are shelves, right? Actually, no. There’s more to shelving than perhaps first meets the eye. There are big differences between shelves that are designed for […]

Thanks you a lot to visit our booth at the 126th Canton Fair

Zhongshan Changsheng Sales Team Thanks you a lot to visit our booth at the 126th Canton Fair . We are pleasured to meet with you and share you our new series of Wall Mounted Shelf Organizer developped and our best-selling line shelf […]

Changsheng Canton Fair 2019

Changsheng -Welcome you to Visit us at the Canton Fair,2019 Welcome you to visit our WIRE SHELVING booth at at Phase II from October 23th to […]

3 types of shelves for kitchen: microwave shelf, dish rack and storage shelf

Your kitchen is the heart of your home!   In most houses these days, you’ll find that the kitchen is the heart of the family home. […]
Red Wine

What Wine Rack Should I Use to Store Red Wine?

The importance of the red wine rack for the storage Red wine is an extremely popular drink of choice the whole world over. There are so […]

All about Metal Wine Rack Shelves and How to Care for them

A wine rack is essentially a shelving set that organizes your wine storage and saves you space. What better place than a simple wine rack, right? […]